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Instant Quinoa Vegetable/Mediterranean Meals

Instant quinoa meals that will surely make your day more productive and fill you up with nutrients to continue your routine in a healthy manner.

Quinoa Croutons

A consumer’s favorite but in a healthier way. This innovative product is made up of 100% quinoa seasoned with fine herbs to create an explosive flavor in a very versatile product.

Organic Quinoa Soup Mix

Our Quinoa soup mix is filled with plant-based organic protein and vegetables making it a healthy, easy to cook meal.

Organic Quinoa Spaghetti

Our pasta line made with organic quinoa will become your favorite alternative to traditional wheat pasta giving you the same "al dente" texture.

Organic Quinoa Fusilli

Quinoa is an amazing grain. In the form of pasta, quinoa flour contains more protein that any other flour you will ever find. It is rich in iron and magnesium and is also gluten-free which makes it ideal for those with celiac disease.