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Cocoa was introduced to Europe by Spanish colonizers in the 16th century. Nowadays, cocoa is know for its role in the production of chocolate. Additionally, modern research has revealed that cocoa grains contain important compons that are benefitial to the health.

Fun ways to add cocoa to your diet include:

Mix cocoa with your favorite dairy for a chocolate milkshake.

Make sure it’s good quality and contains al least 70% cocoa.

Cocoa is particularly nice sprinkled over bananas or strawberries.

Add cocoa to your favorite granola bar mixture to bump up the health benefits and enrich the flavor.

Packaging sizes


Finished products with added value ready for consumption. Private label available.

Food Service

Finished products packed in bags of less than 12 kg. for the HORECA industry.


Products packed in 25 kg. or more for wholesales, repackers, and processing companies.